The Leap Guide

Welcome, friend.
You found your way here because life is short and you’ve been telling yourself for faaar too long that this job you’ve got is “good enough”.
Problem is, good enough doesn’t cut it when you have a creative soul, a million and one ideas, and you’re way more than ready to put your energy into something you’re actually passionate about.

You’ve long dreamed about what life is like on the other side of the fence. You’ve probably even spied on websites of freelancers and fallen in love with their business, wishing it was your reality.
But leaving behind the ‘security’ of a regular paycheck is holding you back.
Yet that tiny voice in your heart keeps asking what you can no longer ignore:
Is THIS as good as it gets?
You know better.

Here’s the truth:
The ONLY thing between your current “good enough” reality and a life of true freedom is some solid strategy, a handful of clever tools, and being surrounded by people doing the same thing who support you. Gather these together and not only do they make quitting possible, you’ll quickly lose the fear and gain the confidence you need to set yourself up for success and quick, sustainable growth as a full-time freelancer. We call that probable, son.
“Yeah yeah girls, but how do I do all that?? I don’t even know where to start.”
All good, chipmunk. We’ve done it for you.



  • You’ve been side-hustling for a long while and feel frustrated, tired and slightly panicky about ever getting this thing off the ground.
  • It ain’t so much your job, it’s those long commutes to your 40 (office) hour work week that you resent.
  • You’ve long surpassed the knowledge level required to do your job and it all feels a bit same-same. And forget about any creative freedom (that would be anarchy!)
  • You hate working on someone else’s schedule.
  • You’ve become so bored that you bring a book to work or spend more time than is healthy on BuzzFeed.
  • You get home exhausted (even though you sat at your desk all day) and have no energy left to do meaningful hobbies or give 100% to your relationships.
  • You live for the weekends and drudge through the weekdays. (Sunday night depression anyone?)
  • It’s starting to really bother you that you have no control over your salary, and no matter how hard or well you work, the best you can hope for is a tiny once-a-year raise.
  • You’re desperate to travel more or spend more time at the cottage but the standard 2 weeks you’re allowed isn’t enough to spend quality time in the spaces you dream of.


Suddenly “good enough” sounds a lot like “really shitty”, no?


From our own personal experience and working with hundreds of other freelancers, this is what you can expect after making the LEAP:

  • You’ll determine your own schedule. (4 day work-week anyone?)
  • You can work with and for ONLY people who inspire you.
  • You can map out your days as you want, rather than around an 8 hour workday.
  • You’ll have creative freedom to work on projects you’re truly passionate about.
  • You’ll have complete autonomy – and reap the benefits of being efficient (3 day weekends, hello!)
  • You’ll decide your commute because you can work where you want. Whether that’s at home, a co-working space, at the park or in a coffee shop (or a mix of both!).
  • You can travel when and where (and for however long) you want. Being location independent isn’t just a dream anymore, it’s 100% possible.
  • Fears of becoming a bag lady/hobo dissolve as you realize, “Hey! I am really awesome at what I do.” and “Wow, people totally want to hire and recommend me.”
  • The profound satisfaction of knowing that you’re living a self-determined life, spending time on the things that are important to you, and with people who light you up. Trust us, this is the best thing ever that money can’t buy. Your choice alone makes this your reality.

We’ve been exactly where you are now.
We know what it’s like.
The fears, the lack of confidence, the inability to believe it’s actually possible.
And we went through the entrepreneurial fire the hard way. Spending hours piecing together advice from a million different blogs, trying to spy on other freelancers to figure out how they do things, and a crap-ton of trial and error.
We know now what works and what doesn’t. Between us we have a brilliant understanding of both the practical and the psychological elements of building an unconventional business in a conventional world.
We’ve put all that knowledge into one guide, so that you can make the LEAP much faster, more successfully, and more confidently than we did.
We don’t want you to spend one more single, solitary day playing small when we know you can carpe diem every damn day.



Here’s what you’ll get
when you purchase the LEAP Guide:

5 mega comprehensive modules with over 25 topics in a convenient online classroom.
Plus 24/7 instant access to all material and continued lifetime access to all future updates and additions.

Access to the private Facebook group, The LEAP League.
This is THE most important thing you need when you go rogue. A community of like-minded, resourceful people is worth its weight in gold and, ya know…we’re both pretty well-known for pulling rad communities together. Just sayin’


Super actionable, downloadable PDF worksheets, checklists & scripts
To guide you step-by-step through the difficult bits, and to make all your client communications a breeze.

+ Motivational videos for when you hit a slump. This will save you box of tissues and two hours on the bathroom floor.
+ The ultimate list of freelance resources you need to start, run, and grow your freelance business. Saving you HOURS of time you’d normally spend googling and testing your options only to find out they’re not what you’re looking for.

“ShelbyI knew I needed something like the LEAP Guide in order to commit to taking the leap. It was an investment to the future and allowed me to say there’s no turning back.
After joining the LEAP Guide I felt more confident. It’s so easy to compare yourself to everyone online. So many people have established themselves (or appear to have established themselves), but we forget about the process of it all. It took them time to get to where they are. You don’t just go “Okay I’m going to freelance.” and then have a portfolio of 20 clients to show off. Good things take time. The guide helped me take the right steps to enjoy the process and fast track myself a bit! I’m extremely thankful for this resource.

I went from making nothing…(because I leaped when I only had one client on the side because my boss was making me CRAZY) to having a steady income of $3000/month and often bringing in $7000 to $8000 with side projects. It’s pretty awesome and I feel so blessed to own my own business.

If you’re looking to make the leap it’s going to be the guide the will kickstart your situation and make it REAL.
It’s so easy to say, “Oh I’ll leap when I have a little more money, or when I’m more skilled. But you start the LEAP Guide and it really starts the process. No more procrastinating or making excuses.


– Shelby Wallace,


And here’s what we’ll cover:
Welcome to The Edge
Proof That it CAN be Done
Redefining Success as a Freelancer (this ain’t your old life, baby)
How Not to Lose Your Shit with the Unknowns in Year One
Leaving Behind the Security of a Salary
A Straight-up Look into What Freelancing’s Really Like

Redefine Your Reference Group (aka Goodbye Negative Nellies, Hello Freelance Mafia)
Where to Get the Skills to Pay the Bills
Figuring out What Kind of Freelancer You Are (Yup, there are many)
Calculate How Much to Save So you Don’t End up Under a Bridge
Choosing Your Quit Date
Preparing Your Business for Quick Growth

Choosing the Tools That’ll Work Best For You
Setting up Systems for Ease and Flow
Go Legit: Business + Financial Setup
Build A Portfolio You’re Proud Of
Developing Sustainable Fees + Packages
Tips to Hire Help + Enter Partnerships

Foolproof Strategies for Getting Your First Clients
How to Effectively Market Yourself
Getting Subcontract Work (and why you may not want to)
Practical, Fun Networking Strategies – The Non-Douchey Way
Our Secrets of Referral Business (ie; ongoing success)

Effortless Client Retention & Recurring Project Management
Choosing The Right Clients (Yes, it’s not just the client choosing you!)
Identifying Red Flags (aka Avoiding Nightmare Clients)
Saying No to Clients Without Sounding Like a Jerk
Setting Boundaries That’ll Keep You Sane + Make Your Clients Love You
How to Setup Your Own Wordpress Website
How to Write a Killer “Work With Me” Page by Janine Duff



Laura Belgray
Laura Belgray is the owner and creative director of Talking Shrimp, has been a professional writer for nearly two decades and won big, fat awards for her work. She’s written advertising copy for the legendary SPY Magazine, New York Magazine, and promos for VH1. (Whut) She’s also written promos, launch campaigns, upfronts, online content, book chapters, full show episodes and more for more impressive people and shows than it’s possible to list here.


Bari Tessler
Bari Tessler Linden, MA, is a Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach and Mama-preneur. Bari’s gentle, body-centered approach weaves together personal, couple, and creative entrepreneurial money teachings into one complete tapestry. She is the founder of The Art of Money: a global, year-long money school, which integrates Money Healing, Money Practices and Money Maps.


Jo Gifford
Jo mentors solopreneurs to work in smarter, creative ways and to get their message out to the world. Creator of the Blogging for Business Bootcamp and Pop-Up Pinterest Workshop, she is also mum to twin girls and is partial to a bullet journal and loose leaf tea. Jo’s business blog, The Dexterous Diva, and her accompanying podcast are famed globally for her down to earth style and tips and tricks for the small business owner.


Alistair Gill
Alistair is a search engine and analytics consultant. He helps entrepreneurs and small businesses get found online. Whether you need a new website, or are overwhelmed by Search Engine Optimisation, Alistair is ready to help. He also offers support with web analytics so you can be sure your online marketing efforts are focused on delivering benefits.


Jackie Johnstone
Jackie Johnstone is a social and digital strategist in Bordeaux, France, and the creator of the 4 Pillars of Great Social Media Content system. She works with passionate online entrepreneurs to develop strategy and top-notch systems to make brilliant social media & webinars easy and effective so they can reach more people they can help.


Amy Northard
Amy is Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who has a passion for working with creative entrepreneurs all over the US and making the tax and accounting side of owning a business less stressful.



Sally TudhopeI swear it’s like Leah and Heather got into my head and picked out all the things that keep me up at night trying to figure out. From important mindset tune-ups, to determining what to charge, how to get (and keep) clients, and so much more, The LEAP Guide is a step-by-step, no BS, we’ve-done-it-and-so-can-you approach to going freelance with a big dollop of support and love.
Leah and Heather are both running their own successful businesses, and they know the ropes (plus they’re both utterly lovely people). Going freelance can be exciting, terrifying and plain hard work, but with these two in your corner, the chances of successfully building your dream business just skyrocketed!

-Sally Tudhope, Web Designer


Ali KarukasI’m buzzing with excitement – whether you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or you’re just starting off (like me) this course is perfect for you because it provides you with the skills and encouragement you need to make the big leap. Let’s be real, entrepreneurship can be scary and exciting all at the same time and it’s nice to be part of a community where everyone is in the same boat. Thanks Leah and Heather for creating this course, you ladies rock!”

– Ali Karukas, Web Designer/Developer,


Ready to take the LEAP?


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  • You’ve been side-hustling for a while and tired of wondering if you’ll ever actually get the traction you need to go full-time freelance.
  • You know it’s time to make a change and you’re ready to invest in the support & tools to help you make it happen for real.
  • You’re more than ready to put in time and effort to take action (and not just buy another online product that gathers dust on your desktop.).
  • You are a web designer, graphic designer, copywriter, virtual assistant, tech genius, editor, illustrator, developer, social media lover or have any other skill that can be sold as a service online.
  • Your LEAP feels so close but you need a good kick in the toosh and some accountability to actually do it.


  • You just like to chill out. You like the idea of freedom but would only take the LEAP once you find that magic formula that can guarantee you overnight success. This guide won’t be it.
  • You have (or would like to have) a product-based business that doesn’t require any customization or much personalized customer interaction on a site like etsy or ebay.
  • You buy a lot of training/courses/products but haven’t finished or followed through with any of them.
  • You’re not interested in being a part of another online group.
  • You don’t care much about freedom, you’d rather things just be easy and your current job gives you that.


Lynn CrymbleThe LEAP guide is incredible! Super comprehensive, supportive, fear-busting, and crazy useful for anyone wanting to make the leap and start freelancing. Leah and Heather have created the ultimate online companion you’ve always wanted when going through this (sometimes scary) big time change in your life.

-Lynn Crymble, Virtual Assistant


I’ve already quit my day job, will this still be helpful?

I actually love my job, I just want to build a freelance business for extra income on the side. Is this for me?
Do I get access to all the material immediately?
How does the payment plan work?
Is there a time-limit in finishing the material?
Can you guarantee I won’t go broke when I take the LEAP?
With my job, my freelancing, my family and general life, I don’t have a lot of free time. How much time and effort do I need to put into this to get the results?
I’m not on Facebook. Can I still participate in the Facebook group?

I'm a dog-sitter/gardener/painter/health coach/something else. Is this for me?


Buy Now!
Buy Now!

We believe in the value of the LEAP Guide so much that we’ve got a 100% refund policy to back it up. When you purchase the LEAP Guide, you’ll have seven days from your purchase date to review the material and check out the community.
If for some reason – any reason – you’re not confident that the LEAP Guide is right for you, just email us and we’ll send a full refund within 24 – 48 hours.

“Pau”Before purchasing the LEAP Guide I felt terrified.
Now I feel more confident in my abilities and knowledge and what I have to offer clients. One of the best parts is definitely the closed Facebook group, to support, be supported and bounce ideas off people in the same situation.

 The LEAP guide is an invaluable tool to anyone looking to go out by themselves as a freelancer.The information contained within the guide is solid information and easy to understand, backed up by two knowledgeable entrepreneurs in Heather and Leah who, are both supportive and encouraging.
I thoroughly recommend The LEAP Guide to get you on your path.

– Allan Munro,

Listen kitten, the freedom seed was likely planted in your mind way before you landed on this page.
And it’s one of those once-you-know-you-can’t-un-know kind of things. You can have a business and life on your terms, you just need the tools, strategy, and frankly, the right people around you to make it happen. That’s what LEAP is all about.
We’re not going anywhere, and we’re committed to building LEAP into THE industry leading program for creatives ready to go freelance. That means more resources, more value, and likely a higher price tag to match. If the timing feels off now, no pressure. But why not get in the door early and sit on your lifetime access until you’re ready to take action?


Buy Now!
Buy Now!


Still not sure? Here’s what past members have to say:


Mike VallanoWow. This is the most comprehensive guide on freelancing that I’ve seen. I wish this existed 7 years ago when I started out. If you are thinking about making the leap to freelancing this guide is an absolute must.

-Mike Vallano, Inbound Marketer,


Sarah NurIn November I was finally fired from my job after MONTHS of agonizing over whether to quit or not, going through copious amounts of flash fear (like flash floods – super overwhelming and without warning).
This woke me up. It woke me up from the four-year sleep touring the corporate world and silently quashing down the internal thirst for freedom that I’ve been doing will do to one’s identity and conception of the world. And I don’t think I could have EVER gotten there without the LEAP Guide.
It is really something special. Every time I log on facebook, I obsessively check the group and it has been like my little talisman, a virtual mantra: this is possible!
You asked all the right questions, all the hard questions. The resources, the ideas. Seeing opportunities everywhere, suddenly. And guess what Heather, you were right! I’m not living in a box under a bridge at Queen & John. I’m super low on money but this has done something incredibly important for me: it has freed my mind. Unshackled it. Has called into question what it is that I believe in.
If you are experiencing an internal revolt, listen to that revolt. Do not try to do the two-gig dance – it will only dilute the quality of your dream. Run, run, run NOW and set yourself free – and everything else will work, seriously, you will FIND the gumption to FIND a way to make it work! And people need to stop believing the lie that they are so completely fucked if they leave. No. They are saying yes to bigger, better things when they leave.
I want to say “thank you” but that is SO inadequate to capture what it is you have given me here. The LEAP Guide is something so special. What I have is my imagination and daring back – I lost that girl somewhere down the line. She’s back and rearing to go. And I really want to thank you for that.

– Sarah Nur


“Pau”When I discovered the LEAP Guide I was struggling with the whole topic of when and how to take the leap from a full time day job to full time entrepreneurship. I kept hearing how other people did it, but just didn’t feel like I understood how all the moving pieces fit together to make decision that felt right for me.
Fast forward 7 months into my business and I feel much more clear and confident about when my “leap” will happen and what I need to have in place ahead of time.
I liked the overall layout of the guide. It felt like I was on a continuum and could go through the steps as I was implementing them in my own business. I think the LEAP Guide provides a great foundation for anyone who is thinking about shifting from a day job to their own business. If someone wanted a resource that discusses the nitty gritty of what needs to happen and what they should have in place before calling it quits with their day job, Leah and Heather have got your back!

– Kathryn Brown,


“Pau”Before finding the LEAP Guide and community I was working to build my business enough to get out of my day job. What’s so great about the Guide is that there’s a ton of great information for those just starting to figure out the freelancing waters.
And I love the checklists! Makes it so easy to feel productive and like you’re making progress :) I also love that Leah and Heather share exactly what they use/love and why. Love seeing behind the scenes stuff!
I’d definitely recommend it to someone just starting out or dabbling with the idea of freelancing. It’s so great to have all that information in one place from trusted sources instead of having to Google everything individually!”

– Megan Ronecker,


“Pau”On a personal level, this whole journey and taking my LEAP was a transformational experience, of not only discovering a career transition, but more importantly uncovering my creative abilities and stimulating my relationships as an individual, a son, a brother, a friend and a father (to 3 very young children).
The LEAP Guide crossed my path at a perfect time as I had just committed to taking the “leap of faith”.  And while in the pursuit of the unknown, it reassured me that “everything will be just fine”…  and if shit was to hit the fan, I knew that the Leap community would provide some warm support with cleaning up the mess (or at least insights to avoid from the mishaps).
Thank you Heather and Leah for creating The LEAP Guide.  It is a valued environment, one which supports, encourages and inspires others to find their space where personal growth, creativity and independence are all aligned.

– Pau Sen,


Quote-markWhen I first began the process of leaving the conventional work world behind, I felt nervous, anxious, scattered and unsure where to start. The LEAP guide helped me feel a lot calmer.
I love knowing that this is here as a resource when I come across new questions as I go on this journey into being an entrepreneur.The best part about the LEAP Guide are all the resources. It’s so time consuming to search for answers to things like “Who to go with for web hosting?” or “How do I make the right choice in building a website?” I love having a few options at my fingertips to try out and choose between.
The LEAP Guide is great for anyone I know who is just starting out – it has a lot of great resources and having the Facebook community to ask questions in is amazingly valuable.

– Kayla Berg


Alistair GillThe LEAP Guide is seriously impressive. I mean it’s just so comprehensive! I have in the past felt disappointed when getting into a course and find there isn’t really that much material after all. This isn’t the case with LEAP. When I first heard that Heather & Leah were putting together a course for people looking to make the leap, I knew it was going to change people’s lives. How? Well they helped change my life. You see, I followed the path I was supposed to (school > university > career anyone?) before realising my ladder was leaning against the wrong wall. Having worked with both Heather & Leah, I was able to start and then streamline my freelance business.
It’s been hard work starting a business and keeping a day job, but with this guide I have everything I need to finally make the leap! Jam-packed with great advice, this guide comes straight from the trenches. Heather & Leah have been through it and helped countless others. They haven’t held anything back. Never, have two people been better positioned to help guide you through the journey.”

-Alistair Gill, SEO & Google Analytics Consultant,


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The Leap Guide